Welcome to Aunea engineering

Aunea Ingénierie is an engineering company specialized in building energy efficiency. It is based in Nantes (France).

Our mission : help building owners to reduce energy costs.

Our services :

  • audit of building energy efficiency
  • modeling
  • study and integration of energy monitoring solutions
  • energy follow up, energy control process

Our business :

  • audit
  • system integration (IT, automation)
  • measurement, modeling of building energy efficiency

Our customers :

  • building owners with a program of energy consumption reduction: municipalities, local communities, tertiary sector, small to medium industries, trade, housing
  • professionals wishing to outsource part of their activity

Our values :

  • field consulting, neutral, operational
  • technology serving people
  • commercial independency

Our resources :

  • measure : skilled engineers and technicians, working on site
  • tools : thermic camera, electricity energy loggers, temperature loggers, data-processing tools
  • modeling tool : dynamic thermic simulation
  • integration environment : development tools, PC, micro controllers, captors, technical softwares.

Our philosophy : energy efficiency is a complex domain where interact various factors such as : users with their behaviors and actions, building itself with its functions and structure, equipments with their own efficiency, exploitation conditions, nature and climate constraints, economical and even geopolitical context, without forgetting regulation. We have to be humble.

Aunea perspective is transverse : answer to the building owners needs with our own competencies remaining open to the other domains, connected with other experts.

Our entry points are : audit& consulting, system integration (IT and automation), measure and modeling of energy performance.